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Supporting documents

The checklist below includes supporting documents for all possible applications. It is unlikely that you will need to submit every document – it is your responsibility to read the assessment criteria before applying.



You must provide high resolution colour scans of original documents. Photos and low-quality scans will not be accepted.


Colour scans of original documents

All documents uploaded for your skills assessment application must be:

✔ colour scans of original documents

✔ no larger than 10MB

✔ high resolution (we recommend 600 dpi)

✔ in the following file types: PDF, JPEG/JPG, PNG

If a particular document cannot be easily scanned, (e.g., large award certificate), a photo may be uploaded as an exception. The photo must be in high-resolution, in colour and present the entire document against a clear background. Please note that this will only be accepted if a document cannot be easily scanned. We will not accept photos for all documents.

Please DO NOT submit the following:

✖ Certified true copies of original documents

✖ Black and white scans – unless the original document was issued in black and white

✖ Low resolution scans

✖ Scans of photocopies

✖ Copies that are incomplete or missing parts (e.g., header/footer or border cut off)


Note: Submitting the wrong documents will delay the processing of your application.



If an original document is not written in English, you must provide a translation into English along with colour scans of the originals.

ACWA reserves the right to request that translations are completed by a translator accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). Level 3 accreditation is normally required.

Document checklist

1. Identity (minimum three documents)

  • Colour scan of biography page of passport
  • Colour scans of at least two (2) other official identity documents including one official photo bearing ID such as:
    • Birth certificate
    • Australian visa or Immicard
    • Driver license or ID card issued by country of citizenship
  • If applicable, colour scan of evidence of name change


2. English proficiency (one of the following):

  • English language test results
  • Colour scan of qualification (or letter of completion)
  • Letter from employer stating English was the primary means of communication for the work performed and that the employer was satisfied with the applicant’s English language proficiency


3. Qualifications

  • Colour scan of qualification (or letter of completion) showing the start date and end date the applicant was deemed to have completed the course
  • Colour scan of transcript of results
  • For graduates of ACWA accredited courses and recognised relevant qualifications, a colour scan of letter from your education provider showing details of field placements (evidence of total hours in at least two different placements)
  • For graduates of ACWA accredited courses and recognised relevant qualifications, fieldwork placement reports. These can be in the form of workbooks completed during the placements.
  • For overseas applicants, is it recommended that you submit a detailed course outline/syllabus


4. Industry experience

  • Resume including 2 referees with contact details, one of whom must have been your workplace supervisor
  • Position descriptions for all relevant work experience
  • Statement of service or letter from employer which states the details of the position including title, type, whether part-time or full time, and start and end dates. The letter must be on company letterhead and must include the full name, job title and contact details of the manager/HR officer who has signed the letter. You must provide this evidence for all work experience claims made.
  • For applicants nominating Welfare Centre Manager, copy of organisational structure for all relevant management positions


5. Industry currency (one of the following)

  • Evidence of qualification awarded within the last 4 years
  • Position description for the industry experience
  • Letter from current employer showing details of the position including title, type, whether part-time or full-time, and start and end dates


6. Agent authorisation


7. Other supporting documents

  • If applicable, evidence of professional registration/membership in your country of training or a country you have worked in. Evidence can include a colour scan of registration certificate or an online registration verification number


PLEASE NOTE: ACWA reserves the right to seek additional evidence to support or supplement claims. This may include salary pay slips, bank account statements or a third-party verification.