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We value your feedback – it can lead to improved services and experiences for others.

Continuous improvement is important to us, and we would like to hear from you if our services have fallen short of your expectations. Of course, if you think we have done well, we would also love to hear about that too.

We have procedures in place to ensure feedback is taken seriously and complaints are dealt with promptly through a fair and equitable process.

Note: if you are unhappy with the outcome of an assessment, this is dealt with through service-specific review or appeal processes. You can find the review or appeal processes for membership here and skills assessments here.

Feedback and complaints may relate, but are not limited, to:

  • The standard of the service you received.
  • The helpfulness of information provided to you.
  • The responsiveness of customer service.
  • The timeframe or speed of our services.


We classify feedback as positive or negative comments about our services that do not require a formal response. Feedback helps us understand what we are doing well or what we could improve. For example, you may wish to recommend an improvement that would benefit future applicants.


We classify complaints as statements that the service you received from us, or your interaction with us, did not meet your expectations. Complaints require a formal response to resolve a problem.


How to submit your feedback or complaint

We prefer complaints to be submitted via email to However, you are welcome to provide the details over the phone.

Please share with us:

  • Your contact details so we can communicate with you*
  • A description of what happened or what you are concerned about.
  • The outcome you are seeking.
  • If appropriate, supporting evidence.

* You can choose to be anonymous but please be aware that this may limit our ability to investigate your comments as we will not be able to contact you for further information.


How we will handle your feedback or complaint


Your feedback or complaint will be recorded and then reviewed by the relevant manager. This ensures we are accountable and consistent in our approach.

If the manager believes that your comments are best managed by a different process, such as a service review or appeal, we will contact you to explain why.


If you provided feedback, you will not receive formal acknowledgement however, your comments will be carefully considered. Skip ahead to Learn for details.

If you submitted a complaint, the relevant manager will consider whether the issue can be resolved immediately or whether time is needed to investigate the circumstances.

We will send you an acknowledgement email within 5 days of receiving your complaint with information about what to expect.


Your complaint will be carefully reviewed and investigated internally. If required, we will contact you for further information or supporting documents.


We will let you know how we propose to resolve your complaint.

We strive to deal with all complaints within 10 working days of sending the acknowledgment email. If we are unable to meet this timeframe, we will update you accordingly.

At this point, we hope we have been able to satisfactorily resolve your concern.


Feedback and complaints are also a means for us to identify large scale issues or areas for improvement. All feedback and complaints are reviewed to determine if further action is required at a higher level, such as initiating a service improvement.