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The Australian Government has selected ACWA as the skills assessing authority for the occupation Aged or Disabled Carer ANZSCO 423111. This means ACWA will conduct skills assessments for this occupation in connection with the new Aged Care Industry Labour Agreement.

The Aged Care Industry Labour Agreement (ILA) is an initiative of the Department of Home Affairs to address current workforce shortages in aged care industry. The ILA streamlines the recruitment of skilled direct care workers from overseas to work in Australia. Employers can only use this option where appropriately qualified Australians are not available, and the employer has demonstrated that they have made genuine attempts to hire local aged care workers.

More information about the ILA can be found on the Department of Home Affairs’ website.

As a skills assessing authority, ACWA assesses potential migrants to ensure that they possess the skills and knowledge necessary for effective and ethical practice in Australia.

ACWA is well equipped to undertake skills assessments for this additional occupation; we are already entrusted by the Australian Government to conduct skills assessments for seven occupations.

Our guidelines and procedures are being updated accordingly and you can keep an eye on updates in relation to Aged or Disabled Carer ANZSCO 423111 here. (Editor’s amendment: we are now accepting applications).


Note: ACWA uses Aged or Disabled Carer terminology to be consistent with the ANZSCO Code. We believe the term ‘disabled’ is outdated and inconsistent with contemporary and respectful language guidelines for referring to people with disability.

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