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After an extensive consultation process, we are pleased to publish the revised ACWA Code of Ethics.

ACWA’s Code of Ethics lays down the explicit expectations of professional community workers. All ACWA members agree to work to the Code of Ethics and must adhere to it in every aspect of their professional life.

In terms of edits, the principles underlying the Code of Ethics have been slightly altered from the previous 2017 version. The Code has also been updated to reflect inclusive language.

The responsibilities outlined in the Code have been reorganised with some additions and rewording. The previous version grouped them under four headings: responsibilities to clients, employers, colleagues and the profession. The revised Code has re-grouped the responsibilities under the three headings of: practice (what you can personally control), the workplace (what you can influence) and protecting the profession.

Lastly, a reminder that the Code of Ethics is not a standalone document. It is supported by additional materials to facilitate professional practice. These include:

  • ACWA’s Practice guidelines
  • Assessment tools for the practice guidelines
  • Employer Code of Practice


Download the revised Code of Ethics (Jan 2023)

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