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Australian Journal of Community Work 2022, Volume 2.

Articles are uploaded continually after review and acceptance. A collated edition is published annually.

The current edition is Australian Journal of Community Work 2022, Volume 2.


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‘Early Release’ online articles for Volume 3

To support authors, new articles will be uploaded to this page regularly – following review, correction and acceptance. Contributions published under Early Release are citable to the Australian Journal of Community Work. When the next scheduled issue is collated, currently annually, the full Volume will be available for download.


Peer reviewed international

Muia, D., Masese, S. & Munene Rufo, B. (2023) Inclusive and Participatory Community Development: Building on Ubuntu to Leave No One Behind

This paper seeks to highlight how to leverage on our humanity – Ubuntu – to ensure no one is left behind and we are better and richer when we undertake and partake in community work in an inclusive and participatory manner.

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From the field

Wark, A., Simms, L., & Morgan. @ Safe and Equal. (2023) Sources of Lived Experience in the Family Violence Sector

This issues paper seeks to explore and understand the different sources of lived experience and how they can be harnessed and integrated into our work.

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Schlesinger, M. (2023) Building Bridges – A Goal and Outcome of Work Placements

This article shares the journey AHSI, an education provider, embarked  to create opportunities for its students to share their culture and customs with their local community in Australia.

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From the study desk

Introducing five Victoria University students on Placement

Five undergraduate Victoria University students present their personal stories of undertaking fieldwork placements as part of their courses.

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Book review

McConnell, C., Muia, D. & Clarke, A. (2023) International Community Development Practice

This is a book review of International Community Development Practice. This book provides readers with practice-based examples of good community development, demonstrating its value for strengthening people power and improving the effectiveness of development agencies, whether these be governmental, non-governmental or private sector.

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