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In these unsettling times of COVID-19 and its impact on our daily lives, our jobs and the wellbeing of our clients, it is reassuring and timely to remind ourselves that community workers, many of whom will be in frontline services, are qualified professionals and well-equipped to provide services. We take comfort in the fact that our members have level heads and will be taking all sensible precautions of social distancing, washing hands, self-isolating if need be, etc., and above all supporting clients to do the same.

We salute our members who are still working with clients, some of whom will be experiencing extreme hardship. Never have the words ‘take care out there’ been more heartfelt.

If you are confined to home, have been stood down, or just finding your workplace a strange place to be, let us know. As an ACWA member you are important to us and we would like to know what you may be going through. And as community workers we all know that keeping in contact in such circumstances may just cheer up the day and maybe provide a real insight into what happens to our particular workforce in such a crisis.

Whilst the ACWA office is physically closed for the duration, staff members are working from home and will provide normal services wherever possible. We will continue to post on social media, send out the e-news and of course answer emails whenever possible.

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Stay safe …and take care out there.