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The Australian Journal of Community Work uses the Harvard style of referencing. It is an author-date style.

Referencing in text

In text:
  1. References must include the author’s surname and year of publication - (Lyons 2001).
  2. For direct quotes add page numbers - (Lyons 2001, 33).
  3. Where author’s name is included in text add year in brackets - Lyons (2001).
  4. When two different authors are cited: Citations are to be in chronological order and a semi colon separates references - (Lyons 2001; Megalongenis 2012). 
  5. If cited work has multiple authors - up to three authors can be included in the reference - (Cruess, Cruess & Steinert 2018, p. 186)
Reference list

All references cited in the article must be included in the reference list. Do not include references not cited in the article.


Author. Initial Year, Title, Publisher, Place of publication.

Lyons, M 2001, Third Sector: The contribution of nonprofit and cooperative enterprise in Australia, Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest, NSW.

Multiple authors

Lovett, T, Clarke, C & Kilmurray, A 2018, Adult education and community action: Adult education and popular social movement, Routledge, London.

Edited book

Editor, (ed./eds) Year, Title, Publisher, Place of publication.

Amrith, M. & Sahraoui, N. (eds) 2018, Gender, work and migration: Agency in gendered labour settings, Routledge, London.

Book Chapter

Author surname, Initials year, ‘Chapter title’, in initials Editor & initial Editor(ed./eds), Book title, publisher, place of publication, page numbers.

McGregor-Lowndes, M 2014, ‘Volunteering and recent governance reforms’, in M Oppenheimer & J Warburton (eds), Volunteering in Australia, The Federation Press, Leichhardt, NSW, pp. 26-38.

Journal article

Author, Initials Year, ‘Title of article’, Title of journal, volume, number (or issue), pages.

Dodds, R, Ali, A & Galaski, K 2018, ‘Mobilizing knowledge: Determining key elements for success and pitfalls in developing community-based tourism’, Current Issues in Tourism, vol. 21, no. 13, pp. 1547-1568.

Journal article with DOI

Author, Initials Year, ‘Title of article’, Title of journal, volume (vol.), number (no.), pages, date viewed, doi

McLure Wasko, M & Faraj, S 2000, ‘It is what one does’: Why people participate and help others in electronic communities of practice’, The Journal of Strategic Information Systems, vol. 9, no. 2-3, pp. 155-173, viewed 19 May 2019, doi.org/10.1016/S0963-8687(00)00045-7

Journal article with URL

Author, Initials Year, ‘Title of article’, Title of journal, volume (vol.), number (no.), pages (if available), date viewed, <URL>

Gelberg, L, Doblin, BH & Leake, BD 1996, ‘Ambulatory health services provided to low-income and homeless adult patients in a major community health centre’, Journal of General Internal Medicine, vol. 11, no. 3, pp. 156-162, viewed 21 May 2019, <https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/BF02600268>


Author name or Organisation name year, Title, Organisation name responsible for report, viewed date, <URL>

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2018, Australia’s health 2018, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Canberra, viewed 1 April 2019, https://www.aihw.gov.au/reports-data

Conference paper published

Author, initials year of conference, ‘Title’ in Initials Editor(s), Name of conference, Organisation, Location, page numbers, <URL> if accessed online

McFadden, L, Spencer, T, Nicholls RJ 2004, ‘Broad-scale modelling of coastal wetlands: What is required?’ in P Viaroli, P Lasserre, P Campostrini (eds) Lagoons and coastal wetlands in the global change context: Impacts and management issues, Venice, 5-15 viewed 24 April 2019 https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-1-4020-6008-3

Conference paper unpublished

Author, initials year of conference, ‘Title’, paper presented at the Name of conference, Conference host, location, dates of conference, viewed date, <URL>

Howlett, S 2008 Lending a hand to lending a hand: The role and development of volunteer centres as infrastructure to develop volunteering in England, paper presented at the Volunteering Infrastructure and civil society conference, Aalsmeer, The Netherlands, 24-25 April 2008, viewed 12 February 2014 http://www.kansalaisareena.fi/Local_Volunteer_Centres.England.pdf


Author, Initials year, Title webpage/document, Organisation responsible for website, date viewed, <URL>

National Institute on Drug Abuse 2010, Drugs, Brains, and Behaviour: the Science of Addiction, National Institute on Drug Abuse, viewed 1 October 2013, http://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugs-brains-behavior-science-addiction/drugs-brain