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Article preparation for submission

The Australian Journal of Community Work (AJCW) is published on the Australian Community Work Association website. Each calendar year represents one volume. Articles which are accepted for publication are uploaded throughout the year. Original research falls under two main sections, peer reviewed and ‘from the field’. Articles should not be submitted for publication elsewhere while being considered by the AJCW.

Article length for:
  • peer reviewed articles is 6,000 words.
  • non peer reviewed articles the word length is 4,000. 
  • book reviews should have a word limit of 1,000 words.
Once submitted, articles will be reviewed and authors will be provided with reviewer reports in a timely manner. ‘From the field’ articles will be reviewed by experts in the field and editorial staff.

Submissions should be forwarded by email to ajcw@acwa.org.au

When preparing to submit an article please follow these guidelines:

Title page

Include article title, names of all authors, identify corresponding author with contact details. Confirm that the article has not been previously published or currently submitted to another journal. Please separate the title page from text pages. Do not include author names or other identifying information on subsequent pages.


Up to 250 words

Key words

Up to six words

All headings

Limit headings to three levels. The first level headings should be in bold text (separate line), second level in italics (separate line), and the third level headings should be in italics on the same line as the new paragraph.


11 pt Calibre (Body)

Line spacing

Double space and leave one blank line between paragraphs. Do not indent first line of new paragraphs.


Left aligned - do not justify on the right margin. Do not indent the first line of new paragraphs.

Do not underline

Use italics.


Must be clearly labelled, e.g. Figure 1, Table 1. Labels must be at the bottom of the figure/table and left justified. All figures and tables must illustrate points made in the text.

Article design

Please remove all formatting, e.g. coloured text, fancy fonts, boxed text, tabs, extra lines, indents etc.