Services and pre-assessment information

Please read the information on this webpage, and the assessment guidelines that apply to you, carefully as pre-assessment advice is not given over the phone or via email.

ACWA is the skills-assessing authority for community services professionals applying to migrate to Australia under the following occupations listed on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL).

You are strongly advised, however, to check migration eligibility and processes before proceeding with an ACWA skills assessment application. You can find information on visa eligibility requirements on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) website.

Skills assessments

A skills assessment is available if you are applying for a skilled independent visa or sponsored visa. A skills assessment is a mandatory requirement for skilled migration to Australia under a number of points tested, employer sponsored, and temporary, visas.

All applications will be assessed against four criteria:

  • Education: your qualification will be assessed against the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) which is the national system that ‘incorporates qualifications from each training and education sector into a single comprehensive national qualification framework’ (AQF 2012), along with some additional guidelines set down by ACWA.
  • Industry experience: your professional industry work experience will be evaluated on several factors including competencies; the setting of the work; the client group; and the type of role and tasks involved.
  • Proficiency in English: you will need to meet the required standard of proficiency in English.
  • Industry currency: this is normally demonstrated by having a recent qualification however, for older qualifications (more than five years) you can demonstrate this through recent industry experience or professional development.
Optional additional assessment services

Qualification comparability assessment
(Migration points test advice based on qualifications)

Qualification comparability assessment is a service provided to determine how your overseas qualification compares in Australia. ACWA compares the education level of an overseas qualification against the Australian Qualification Framework. The qualifications do not have to be welfare related, however, ACWA is unable to provide advice to those who do not have a skills assessment application with ACWA. A qualification comparability assessment request can be made along with a skills assessment application or after obtaining a positive skills assessment outcome.

A qualification comparability assessment can be used to:
  • advise the Department of Immigration and Border Protection about your qualification level when it assesses your visa application; or
  • include in a job application after obtaining a visa. Many employers, including state government departments, will require this assessment as part of their recruitment process to determine your skill level and salary scale.
Advice on Australian and overseas work experience (Migration points test advice based on experience)

Work experience advice is another service provided for those seeking to determine whether they meet the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s migration points test. Migration points test advice given by ACWA in relation to work experience claims is based solely on the evidence provided by the applicant and does not signify an opinion on the veracity of claims made by the applicant. If incorrect or incomplete evidence is provided, the migration points test advice may be deemed invalid by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. A migration points test advice request can be made along with a skills assessment application or after obtaining a positive skills assessment outcome.

Advice on work experience can be used to:
  • advise the Department of Immigration and Border Protection about eligible experience when it assesses a visa application.

Please note the Department will only accept work experience that is within the last 10 years.