Membership renewal

The form below is for existing members wishing to renew their membership. We value our members and hope the services and benefits ACWA membership brings assist members in their career development. This year the fees remain the same and offer value for money as well as comparing favourably to other professional associations (especially those that offer insurance as part of membership).Membership fees are tax deductible and a system-generated receipt will be sent to your email once payment has been accepted.

As always only full members can be covered by professional indemnity and public liability insurance. An administrative fee will apply to members who would like to receive a copy of their insurance Certificates of Currency.

Membership of ACWA brings you many benefits and advantages and can help your career prospects regardless of your experience or age. Membership of a professional association is increasingly becoming one of the standard recruitment criteria for state and local governments and not-for-profit organisations. If you are retired or unemployed, maintaining your membership will keep you connected to the sector and provide an avenue through which you can share your knowledge and expertise.

Notice to student members who have now graduated
If you are a student member who has now graduated from your course we congratulate you. The hard work has paid off and you are about to embark on one of the most rewarding careers possible. The renewal process will be slightly different for you this year as you will have to provide evidence that you have obtained your qualification. Instead of completing the form below, please read our quick guide to your next steps. Don’t worry, we have made the process as streamlined as possible.

How to renew your membership
Simply fill out the renewal form below. You do not need to submit documents, simply update your details and pay the relevant fee. Please be assured that our online payment process is secure and safe. If you have any questions regarding your renewal please contact us and we can help you through the process.

Fee schedule for renewing members
 Membership category
 Full- earning more than $20,000 p.a
 Full- with individual insurance Certificates of Currency
 Full (reduced fee)- earning less than $20,000 p.a incl. volunteer, unemployed
 Full (reduced fee) with individual insurance Certificates of Currency
 Full (graduate)- first 2 years after completing an ACWA accredited course
 Full (graduate)- with individual insurance Certificates of Currency
 Full (permanently retired)

We hope you will share information about ACWA membership with your work colleagues; the greater the membership the greater the impact we will have on public policy, employment practices and the quality of community work education. We look forward to working with you again over the next twelve months.

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Personal details
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Contact details
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ACWA is a not-for-profit association. We collect membership fees to enable us to provide services to you.
Members will receive membership for 12 months.
Employment status *
This year membership categories have been simplified. Please tick the box that best represents your circumstances
Full member earning more than $20000 per annum – fee $300
Full member earning $20000 or less per annum / volunteer / unemployed – fee $100
Full member (graduate: first 2 years after graduating from an ACWA accredited course) – fee $100
Student / retired member – fee $20
Please note that if you require insurance Certificates of Currency a $50 administrative fee will apply. Please indicate below if this is the case and add $50 to your total membership fee.
Payment details*
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
With the rapid advances and changes that occur in the community service sector, continuing professional development (CPD) is an essential part of a community worker's practice. Participating in CPD is a requirement for ACWA members (excluding student members), as it is for most people who belong to a professional association, and is a way in which the public can be assured of a practitioner’s professionalism and skill. ACWA members are required to demonstrate 20 hours of relevant CPD annually.

In 2013 we began endorsing relevant, high-quality CPD courses which strongly we recommend members consider. You can find our latest CPD calendar here

However, CPD can include:
•    Attending seminars, workshops, conferences,
•    Keynote speakers or facilitating workshops, seminars or speaking at a conference
•    Writing published academic papers
•    Attending professional supervision, as either supervisor or supervisee

We strongly advise members to keep a record of their CPD events and activities, many of which can also be included on your CV. Members agree to provide any evidence requested by ACWA that demonstrates compliance with CPD requirements.
Declaration *
 I certify that the membership type for which I am making payment is correct. (If you are unsure please contact ACWA on 03 9654 8287)

I acknowledge that it is an ongoing condition of membership of ACWA that full members undertake at least 20 hours per annum of relevant continuing professional development activities. Full members agree to provide any evidence requested by ACWA that demonstrates compliance with this condition.
Please bear with us during this busy renewal time. Once your renewal has been processed a pack containing your membership certificate will be posted to your nominated address.
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