Assessment information

If you have a relevant qualification (diploma or higher) you should:
  •   complete the online membership assessment form
  •   upload all relevant supporting documents as outlined in the checklist below
If you are still studying or hold a lower level qualification, refer to the other options here.

Applicants applying for and found suitable for membership will receive their first 12 months of membership free and be asked to renew after this period.

When we receive your application, we will look at your qualification/s and any industry experience you have. If suitable, it is the membership officer who will award you either provisional or full membership based on the information you have provided. We have included key details below, so you can get an idea of which category you are likely to fit into.

Full membership
Practitioners who have either:
  • an ACWA accredited qualification or
  • a relevant qualification (that was not ACWA accredited) plus 3 years of industry experience
Provisional membership
Practitioners who have:
  • a relevant qualification (that was not ACWA accredited) or
  • a qualification older than 10 years without demonstrable professional currency
Provisional membership is a transitional category. Once provisional members meet the requirements for full membership (i.e, 3 years of industry experience or currency) they can request an upgrade.

Notes about qualifications

There are different types of qualifications ACWA will consider relevant for membership (refer to the eligibility page). All must be at a diploma level or above.

ACWA will only accept up to 40% RPL otherwise a qualification will not be recognised.

If you graduated more than 10 years ago you will need show that you are current in your professional knowledge. You can demonstrate this by providing evidence of 20 hours of professional development for each of the last 2 years.

ACWA accredited qualification
If your course was accredited by ACWA during your period of study your application should be straightforward. Check our accredited course finder or previously accredited course lists to find out.

Relevant qualification that was not accredited by ACWA
We’ll focus on your work experience to determine your category.

Notes about industry experience

This means work that is relevant to community services and for full membership the 3 years should be full-time or equivalent to. At least 12 months must be post-qualification and at a minimum of a diploma skill level. In most cases this means paid employment but if it was volunteer work it must have been supervised by a suitably qualified professional.

Document checklist

 ACWA accredited course 
 Relevant course not 
 accredited by ACWA
 Certified copy of qualification 
 (or letter of completion)
 Certified copy of academic
 transcripts of results
 Resume with 2 referees  
 If applicable
 Position description for most
 recent industry experience
 If applicable
 Certified copy of credit/RPL
 transcript for over 25% RPL
 If applicable  If applicable
 Evidence of CPD if you
 graduated more than 10 yrs ago 
 If applicable  If applicable
 Evidence of name change  If applicable  If applicable