Why choose an ACWA accredited course?

If you are thinking of becoming a community worker you will want to give yourself the best possible start by studying at a course that has been accredited by ACWA.

ACWA ensures that community courses include all relevant subject units and provide students with the real life experience of supervised fieldwork.

Graduating from an ACWA accredited course will make you more employable, provide you with the makings of a very important network and give you the confidence that you can give your best to your work.

The community also has an expectation of community work practitioners in that they demand professionalism, ethical practice, and demonstrated skills and knowledge. The sector in responding to community expectation needs to feel confident in its choice of staff, particularly in entry level positions.

Employers in choosing new staff members who have graduated from recognised and accredited courses can trust that students have the requisite theoretical underpinning and supervised fieldwork experience necessary for the role.

To learn more about how attending an accredited course can increase your career prospects, visit the Employability in community services page.

To find a list of courses that may suit you please use the course finder.