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CPD endorsement

ACWA endorses quality training that falls outside the Australian Qualifications Framework against a set of criteria selected to ensure that training meets the professional development requirements of members.

With the rapid advances and changes that occur in community services, CPD is an essential part of a community work practitioner’s career development. Continuing professional development is a requirement for ACWA members, as it is for most people who belong to a professional association, and is a way in which the public can be assured a practitioner’s professionalism and skill.

ACWA encourages professionals to undertake relevant CPD which will help them build on their skills and assist them to provide better services. For this reason ACWA endorses quality, relevant professional training to give assurance to members and others in our network that the training is targeted to members’ needs, meets a professional standard, is an acceptable CPD activity and provides value for money.

If you are a provider of quality training that is relevant to the community sector then we encourage you to get your programs and events endorsed. Short courses, seminars, in-house training, conferences, online learning, workshops and webinars are some of the events we endorse.

Why have your training endorsed?

By having your training endorsed by ACWA you are indicating to the widest pool of professionals that your training event is of a professional standard, relevant to them and will help them meet their professional development points.

ACWA CPD endorsement is widely recognised in the sector and will enhance your marketing by building:


ACWA endorsement is about credibility. In today’s economic climate where training dollars are limited, it is incumbent on organisations and individual practitioners to make sure that their training money is well spent. With an increased focus on relevant quality training, employers and practitioners are actively looking for trusted third party endorsed training programs to meet their professional development and workplace needs


ACWA endorsement gives you the right to use the ACWA Endorsed CPD logo. By displaying the CPD logo on your marketing material you will have a competitive edge over other providers who offer similar training. Our CPD endorsement system helps practitioners identify the complexity of training and takes the guesswork out of choosing the right training at the right price.

Assessing your training

ACWA assesses your training against a number of criteria which include relevance of training to the ACWA practice standards, trainer qualification and mode of delivery and structure.  

Marketing your training

CPD endorsement is an adjunct to your own marketing strategy and is similar to other types of quality endorsement such as the Heart Foundation tick or the ‘made in Australia’ logo. We do not do your marketing for you but wherever possible we will support and complement your own marketing strategy. In particular we alert members and subscribers to upcoming training events each month, highlight CPD training on our website and share the endorsement on our Facebook page.