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Quick, simple and discounted police checks

We're continually looking for ways to assist community work students and current practitioners in their careers and offer services we think they will find of benefit. As a result, ACWA has teamed up with National Crime Check to make getting a police check quicker, easier and cheaper. National Crime Check is accredited by the Federal Government to perform police checks and provides a user-friendly online application process.

The requirement for up-to-date national police checks is now mandated by legislation across a wide range of industries and used regularly by employers and industry peak bodies as a requirement for employment. ACWA is able to provide community workers with these checks at a discounted rate. State based police rates for checks can cost up to $69.00.

As an added benefit, most applications are processed with 48 hours of lodgement.

ACWA discounted police checks

Cost including GST

$19.50 for students or those undertaking non-paid or volunteer work experience
for those looking for paid work or in currently paid positions

What you need to know

What is a National Criminal History Check/Police Check?

A 'Name Only' national criminal history check is based on a search of the person's name against the criminal history records held by police services Australia-wide. This is most often sought for employment purposes and is available through the ACWA/National Crime Check partnership.

Police checks are valid at the time of issue and report only on offenses up to this date; they do not have an expiry date. It is up to the discretion of an organisation as to whether an up-to-the-minute police check an older check is accepted. 

Persons who are Australian residents but living or traveling outside of Australia and seeking a national Police Certificate should apply to the Australian Federal Police.

How to access your ACWA police check discount

Obtaining your national police check is 100% online. Here's the steps you'll need to take:

1.    Fill in the basic details on the online application via https://acwa.nationalcrimecheck.com.au/
2.    Get verified using your email/sms
3.    Pay the ACWA discounted fee
4.    Add additional details
5.    Do your proof of identity online; then
6.    Electronically sign your police check application

Processing your application

On average, 75% of completed applications are processed within 1-2 business days. You will be kept up-to-date via email about the status of your application.

The remaining lodgements are processed with best endeavours in 10-12 business days, however, there are some circumstances (which are beyond NCC's control) where the application can take longer to process.

Volunteers and police checks

It is common for volunteers to be required to go through screening processes in order to assess their suitability for a role, particularly where volunteers will work with 'vulnerable' populations such as the elderly, children, or those with a disability.

In some cases there are arrangements where organisations will offer to pay volunteers for their police check. They will generally have volunteers fill out the application and consent form with identification evidence and submit the application on their behalf. Other organisations may ask volunteers to cover the cost of a check or even request volunteers go through their own process to obtain them. Police checks are discounted by the Australian Government in all states and territories for volunteers.

In some states (such as South Australia) where work is specifically with 'vulnerable' groups it is possible to access free police checks for volunteers - however an organisation must apply for this privilege and meet eligibility criteria set by the Australian Government. In yet other circumstances individuals may also be able to claim a police check as a work-related expense for tax purposes. For more information see the Australian Taxation Office website or speak to your employer.

Get started

Click here to get your discounted Police Check Want more information? You will find a link to FAQs on the website as well as contact details.