Getting started in your career

A community worker is a qualified person who, through professional training and field education, has the knowledge, skills and values to work in a social welfare agency or program intended to promote or restore the social functioning of individuals, families, social groups or larger communities.

Promoting and advocating for social justice and maximising human potential are cornerstones of community work.

In practice, community workers provide services, support, activities, information and referral for those in need of assistance. They do this by linking people with appropriate services, government departments, groups, communities and each other.

If you are considering a career in the sector download the Careers in Community Work information sheet. This short guide will take you through the basics of the profession, including the need-to-know career pathways and what to look for when researching your study options.

The following is a list of common occupational titles and positions held by practitioners. The list is by no means exhaustive, there are over 50 occupational titles that fall under the community work banner.

Common occupational titles of community workers
 Aged Care professionals
 Men's Health Officer
 Assessment Officer
 Multicultural Support Officer
 Careers Counsellor
 Outreach Worker
 Parole Officer
 Child Protection Worker
 Personal Care Worker
 Children's Service Worker  Rape Crisis Counsellor
 Community Development Officer
 Rehabilitation Counsellor
 Community Educator
 Residential Care Officer
 Crisis Intervention Worker
 Social Worker
 Disability Care Worker
 Student Counsellor
 Drug and Alcohol Counsellor
 Support Worker (Disability, Community, Family, Youth etc)
 Family Counsellor
 Trauma Counsellor
 Family Court Counsellor
 Volunteer Manager
 Financial Counsellor
 Welfare Officer
 Housing Officer
 Welfare Worker
 Intake Officer
 Youth Accommodation Services Worker
 Juvenile Justice Officer  Youth Worker