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What's keeping you awake at night?

ACWA Inc - Wednesday, September 04, 2013

With the election only days away we are wondering what issues are keeping you awake at night? Are they the big issues of poverty and homelessness or is it the stress created in your organisation by not being able to meet demand for services. Many third sector or civil society organisations are locked out of the public policy debate and feel they have little or no influence on government policy yet, paradoxically, have much of the information needed to shape public policy or program development.

From the recent members' survey we know that funding is a major concern and this has an inevitable impact on community workers who are often on the front line of service delivery. We also know, for example, that many of you are working in underfunded and under staffed agencies and some of you are trying to cope with workplace issues and limited training; all areas symptomatic of underfunding and increased demand on services.

So are you fearing a general belt tightening in the sector or are you more optimistic that new avenues of employment are going to open up? Whatever you think we are interested because what keeps you awake at night is surely going to keep us awake as well.

Over the next few months we are working on a number of initiatives which include a brand new job-search portal, providing an online CPD tracker and making our website mobile friendly. We are also about to start planning for the conference next year and will be calling for ideas on presenters and topics to ensure the conference meets your needs. In due course, we will be releasing a draft of the new practice standards, developed by our Education Committee, for comment.

All of these things we hope will help you in your everyday practice or meet some of the concerns you have expressed to us.


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