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Vale Enid Campbell

ACWA Inc - Tuesday, April 02, 2019
It is with sadness that we report the passing of dedicated ACWA member, Enid Campbell.

Enid joined ACWA in 1975 making her one of our earliest and longest-serving members.

Enid's daughter Edwina Roberts has kindly shared with us a summary of her mother's work and life which we share with you to read. Enid's compassion for others and her love and commitment to her career is evident throughout.

ACWA staff and Board members express their deepest condolences to Enid's family and friends.

Enid Campbell
DOB 03.05.1930

Member since 1975 – 44 years AIWO, AIWCW, AWCA

It is with great sadness that I must advise that Enid Campbell, a member of the Association for the past 44 years, passed away on Sunday 3 February, 2019, aged 88.

In 1972, Enid began her career in welfare as a trained Telephone Counsellor for Lifeline in Brisbane, whilst also caring for her 5 children aged 3 to 14 years. Her compassionate and caring nature saved many lives over the years, as she listened to stories of hardship, suffering and depression, and provided comfort and support to those who just needed someone to talk to.

In 1975, whilst working at Lifeline, Enid’s desire to increase her knowledge in the welfare field, led to her completing a 4 year Social Welfare Certificate at Kangaroo Point Technical College, Brisbane (now known as TAFE). Enid completed her studies in 1978, achieving Honours in most of her subjects.

In 1975, 6 years after the inception of the Australian Institute of Welfare Officers (AIWO), Enid joined the group. She was a proud member who would often mention her association, and point out her award displayed on the wall, received in 2010 for 35 years of community service as a member.

In 1984, at the age of 54, Enid graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Arts, with the intention of using this degree to continue her work in the welfare field.

In 1985, she secured a position with the Sunnybank Family Support Neighbourhood Centre, as Research Officer and Emergency Accommodation Coordinator. She was highly regarded in this role and commended for often giving her own time to help people in need.

From 1986, Enid worked as Community Liaison Officer and Protective Behaviour Instructor at MacGregor State High School, where her empathy towards the students was truly valued.

From 1990, when Enid was 60, she secured employment as a personal development trainer working for the CES, DEET, the ‘JET Scheme’, ‘Job Search, ‘Womens Access Group’ and ‘New Start’. Her skills were highly sought after due to her extensive experience and ability to connect with a broad range of people.

In between all of these positions, Enid continued to extend her knowledge, completing a number of welfare related courses, as well as growing and counselling her own family of 5 children and a husband. She was an avid reader, an advocate for women and taught her children to value others. Her eldest daughter, who is now 60, is a carer of disabled adults and her youngest daughter, who is 52, works for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Both provide support and empathy to others on a daily basis, as Enid did.

Enid is survived by her children, Georgina, Christopher, Edwina, Adrienne and Anthony, and 5 grandchildren. Will we miss her sense of humour, her infectious laugh, her ever-present smile, her stories, her constant love, and hearing her proudly say to everyone she would meet – “I’ve been a Welfare Officer for 35 years”.

Well done Enid. Rest peacefully now.

Edwina Roberts


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