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It's time to update our definition of community worker

ACWA Inc - Monday, July 06, 2015

How do you describe your job to others? It's time to update our definition of community worker

How would you define a community worker? Our official definition was developed early on in ACWA's 46 year history and we believe it's time to make sure it is still relevant and captures the scope of the role.

This is not an easy task due to the diversity of roles in the community sector and the fields within which we work. Ultimately we need to have a clear description that helps define the profession. We want to make sure that a revised definition, if indeed it gets revised, resonates with practitioners, educators, employers and the public.

ACWA's official definition of a community worker is:

A person who has the knowledge, skills and values to work with individuals, families, social groups or communities to promote or restore social functioning.

Community workers advocate for the rights of individuals and communities and work to address systemic barriers that prevent the social and economic inclusion of all citizens. Promoting social justice and maximising human potential are cornerstones of community work.

Does the above definition describe a contemporary community worker? Let us know what you think:

  • how do you describe your profession to others?
  • what key word/s do you think are missing from the current definition?
  • what key word/s do you think are essential to a revised definition?

If you would like to contribute to this process please email us at info@acwa.org.au. You can simply send us key words or phrases, a definition you use or for the undaunted, try your hand at re-writing the current definition.


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