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Podcasts to tune in to

ACWA Inc - Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Thanks to recent big name hits like Serial, podcasts are having a moment and for good reason. These free audio recordings come with the convenience of letting you stop, start, and replay them as you choose.

Listening to podcasts with a community or human services focus can be a great way for students to immerse themselves in the sector and contextualise their future practice.

For existing practitioners, podcasts offer a less structured form of CPD and let you hear from others, including experts, in the field.

The podcasts below include ones we have come across and some recommended to us via a call out on social media. Some are currently on hiatus but that’s okay, older episodes can still be downloaded and you never know when new ones will be added. Click the podcast title for more information or search the major platforms (iTunes and SoundCloud etc) to subscribe.

Try a few to find the ones that work for you. Did we miss your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

Australian podcasts

Podsocs - School of Human Services and Social Work, Griffith University
This is one of our all-time favourites – episodes cover topics of interest for all human services practitioners, students and academics. As an initiative of a university, Podsocs focuses directly on knowledge and skills. The podcast maintains an active twitter account and has teased that new episodes are on the way.

Topics include: social workers in disasters, young women in prison, Aboriginal identity.

Small Change Podcast - SACOSS
This is a recording of the Small Change radio show which is made available nationally as a podcast. Small Change promises to bring you social justice news, media analysis and discussion from South Australia. It’s not just for South Australians though, Small Change will clue you in to programs, projects and campaigns that are making a difference in communities.

Topics include: cost of living, universal housing design, welfare reform

Not for Podcast - Pro Bono Australia
This podcast bills itself as presenting news and analysis on the things that matter to Australia’s social sector. It often covers topics over multiples episodes, like the arc on housing the homeless, so there’s plenty of time for the hosts to really dig into the details.

Topics include: NDIS, racism in Australia, social enterprises.

Social Work Discoveries - Ben Joseph
This is a relatively new creation of Ben Joseph, a Master of Philosophy (Social Work Research) student at Western Sydney University. In each episode he interviews a social work researcher and learns about the project they are undertaking, how their research works and the possible outcomes for groups and communities.

Topics include: Human rights in social work research, community development, integrating visual mediums (like film and art) into practice.

Ultimate Youth Worker
This series provides students with an excellent introduction to youth work as well as helping youth work professionals become more effective in their practice.

Topics include: Working with involuntary clients, group work, youth work and power.

Talk the Walk - …Metaphorically Speaking
Talk the Walk focuses on social work in Australia’s Indigenous communities and telling this through story.

Topics include: Evaluating a narrative project, social work as a political practice, working in remote communities.

Expert Insights - Black Dog Institute
Each episode tackles an important mental health topic and provide knowledge from and for health professionals. It’s not published regularly but the episodes that are out are worth a listen.

Topics include: lifestyle interventions on mental health, grief versus depression, self-harm in young people.

Australia Counselling Podcast - Australia Counselling
Unfortunately, this podcast has been discontinued but the good news is that all 100 episodes are available online. They cover two main areas – counselling practice and tips for operating a successful private practice.

Topics include: strategies for getting clients unstuck, how to navigate ethic issues and how to start an email newsletter for your practice.

Development Policy Centre
This podcast series captures events held by the Development Policy Centre, a think tank for aid and development policy based at The Australian National University.

Topics include: coping with high risk in aid policy, understanding how change happens, challenging gender inequality.

International podcasts

The Social Work Podcast - Jonathan B. Singer
This is probably the most well-known and prolific social work podcast out there. It began back in 2007, so there is plenty of content to explore and it’s still going today. The podcast includes direct practice topics as well as research, policy, and education.

Topics include: engaging people at risk of suicide, religious child maltreatment, shared trauma

inSocialWork - University at Buffalo School of Social Work
This is a bi-weekly series that mixes things up by having a new host each episode to interview guests about their areas of expertise.

Topics include: trauma-informed perspectives, professional resilience, workplace violence.

Therapy Chat - Laura Reagan
Hosted by psychotherapist and burnout prevention specialist Laura Reagan, this podcast features regular interviews and covers a wide range of therapeutic approaches.

Topics include: Attachment trauma, self-compassion in therapy, equine-assisted therapy

Counselor Toolbox
Counselor Toolbox publishes new episodes twice a week based around mental health and addictions recovery. Since a professional development company hosts it, each comes with clear and stated objectives.

Topics include: empowering clients, behaviour modification, developmental issues.

Honourable mentions

Unspeakable - Victoria Police
This limited run six-episode podcast was launched as part of Child Protection Week to increase understanding and reporting around sexual violence using real cases.

Topics include: reporting, online grooming, investigations, victim reactions and future directions.

Helping Carers Helping Children – Department of Health and Human Services (Vic)
This is an out-of-home-care podcast that provides additional information and insights to help foster and kinship carers in their important role.

Topics include: insights from young adults who have left care, looking after Aboriginal children and trauma-informed carers.

Don’t forget to let us know if you have discovered other podcasts relevant to the sector and which ones you enjoy and why.

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