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On our radar: changes in Canberra

ACWA Inc - Thursday, September 26, 2013
Interesting changes up in Canberra: the Social Inclusion Unit and The Office for the Not-for Profit Sector have been disbanded and we are now wondering where this leaves the Compact. As a government initiative the Compact had the capacity to serve the nonprofit sector well, giving comfort that organisations would not be defunded or policy changes made without consultation. Only recently the Office for the Not-for-Profit Sector released the Consultation Code that was part of the Compact suite of policy documents; it would be a great shame to think that the work on that was for nothing. We are curious to see how the ACNC fares over the next few months as well.

Also rather surprisingly we find that the new Prime Minister, The Hon Tony Abbott, has portfolio responsibility for women's policies and programs. As an industry dominated by women we know what happens when the work and pay conditions are not attended to so let’s keep our eyes on that one.

Last week we announced our conference date for 10th and 11th September next year. The conference will be held at Etihad Stadium which is conveniently central, particularly if you live in Melbourne! We are looking forward to meeting members and practitioners and starting some real dialogue about the future of the sector and the community services workforce. More details will be coming out in the near future but in the meantime keep those ideas for themes and sessions coming in. You can give us your suggestions here.

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