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ACWA Inc - Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Whether you are researching for an assignment, looking to keep up-to-date, or want to submit an article of your own, this collection of community sector journals is the place to start.

The full list, which includes international journals is exclusive to ACWA members.

Click the journal title to visit its homepage and use the stars to find journals that are a good fit for you:

* = open access (free)
** = low-cost access or multiple free articles
*** = payment required

Please note any prices quoted are correct at time of publishing. If you are a student, check to see if you have free access via your education provider.

Australian journals

Journal of Social Inclusion *
Focuses on the social processes that marginalise individuals, families, and communities.

Update *
Features social welfare and social justice topics with a focus on leading change.

Family Matters *
Recently celebrated its 100th edition. All new editions will be online and open access.

Social work and policy studies: social justice, practice and theory *
Launched in early 2018, this is one to watch.

International Journal of Men’s Social and Community Health *
Covers health experiences, social context and community-based approaches to well-being.

New Community Quarterly **
Excellent subscription-based community development journal. Fee is fair and affordable.

Communities, Children and Families Australia **
Looks beyond existing models of child protection policy and practice. Articles are $4 plus GST.

Advances in Social Work and Welfare Education **
Ideal for educators, trainers and workforce developers. Articles are $4 plus GST.

Grief Matters: The Australian Journal of Grief and Bereavement **
Aimed at professionals in occupations related to loss and grief. Articles are $4 plus GST.

Drug and Alcohol Review **
High-volume monthly journal. Full text can be ‘rented’ for $6.

Australian Journal of Social Issues **
Covers a range of community service topics from both client and practitioner perspectives.

Advances in Mental Health ***
Promotion, prevention, and early intervention.

Australian Social Work ***
AASW’s popular journal.

Research and Practice in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities ***
One of the pricier journals but the cost is offset by a narrower focus and Australian content.

To browse the full list, which continues with excellent international journals, log in here and click the link for journals. Alterantively sign up to become a member here.


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