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Tackling the ever changing technology landscape

ACWA Inc - Thursday, February 14, 2013

Everyone knows that keeping your information and communication technology (ICT) skills up to date is important. People’s social and working lives are increasingly merging online thanks to smartphones, tablets and social media, so most of us now have good levels of ICT user skills.  But many of us have developed these skills unevenly, based on how we like or need to use the available technologies.

It’s a plus for employers that they can assume that each new recruit comes equipped with ICT skills, but exactly what skills and knowledge they have isn’t often tested.  A position description may tell you the applications you need to know to do that job, but won’t mention others that are used across the organisation- with these you may just have to do the best you can, learning on the job.

How often have you or other colleagues roamed the office looking for someone who knows how to ‘use Excel properly’ or upload a document to the web. It certainly happens, even in the best of offices and at times can cause annoying bottlenecks while important jobs pile up.

To get the most from staff, organisations need to identify the skills they want and how to bring staff up to speed. In our workplace for example, we have been busy learning about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and how to use them from an organisational perspective. This has been a great exercise for us and has helped us get good information out to members (we hope!) and to each other. We also use Skype, Dropbox, and Google Docs; often our graphic designers will use a file sharing system such as YouSendIt which is particularly useful when sending large files.

In the spirit of all things technological, as well as attending some excellent face to face training sessions we have also attended some really useful webinars to top up our knowledge. We don’t know what you think about webinars, but we have been finding them a good adjunct to our up skilling - and all from the comfort of our very own desks!

We are interested in any techniques you have been using in your workplace to get ahead of the available technology and the things you find most useful. Over the next weeks we are addressing our website again and will be rearranging sections and reducing the word count.

Keep in touch.


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