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Historic wage decision comes into effect today

ACWA Inc - Friday, November 30, 2012

As you read this blog today over 150,000 of our constituents will be financially better off than they were a week ago. From December 1 the benefits from the historic Fair Work Australia (FWA) wage decision should start flowing into the pay packets of our incredibly hard working and under paid community services workers. The wage increase affects workers who are employed under the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 (SACS Modern Award). To find out if you are covered by the wage decision and are eligible for a salary increase go to the Fair Work Australia website www.fwa.gov.au and read the above award.

In introducing the Fair Work Act, the Australian Government provided a new broader test for equal pay that is based on equal or comparable work. The Australian Government supported the case of social and community sector workers before Fair Work Australia and FWAs wage decision ‘ is the first ever successful pay equity claim in the national system, and a significant advance for equal pay for women’ (FAHCSIA 2012).

The Government has put aside a $2.8 billion contribution to ensure that ‘equal pay increases for social and community sector (SACS) workers is secure now and into the future’. A joint media release from the Prime Minister, Minister for Families and Community Services, Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Minister for Community Services and the Status of Women states ‘Workers in the SACS sector make a difference every day to the lives of the most vulnerable in our community and the Gillard Government wants to ensure its contribution towards increased entitlements can only be used for that purpose’.ACWA couldn’t support this position more.

FWA’s ruling earlier this year was significant in the advancement of equal pay for women. Around 120,000 of the workers covered by the order are women. Most of whom have important and challenging jobs ‘supporting women and children in refuges, running support centres for people with disability, leading teams of counselling professionals and managing family support services and emergency housing for the homeless and the mentally ill.
If you work in an eligible workplace make sure that you share in this


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