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Working effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers


This is an ACWA endorsed CPD program offered by Evolation Learning.

The aim of this course is to equip participants with the cultural awareness required for effective communication and cooperation with persons of diverse cultures.

It covers the following topics:

Reflect cultural awareness in work practice
  • Demonstrate awareness of culture as a factor in all human behaviour by using culturally appropriate work practices
  • Use work practices that create a culturally and psychologically safe environment for all persons
  • Review and modify work practices in consultation with persons from diverse cultural backgrounds
Accept cultural diversity as a basis for effective work place and professional relationships
  • Show respect for cultural diversity in all communication and interactions with co-workers, colleagues and clients
  • Use specific strategies to eliminate bias and discrimination in the workplace
  • Contribute to the development of workplace and professional relationships based on acceptance of cultural diversity
Registration and enquiries

This training is available online for $19.99 via this link.

This is an ACWA endorsed CPD activity. Members can claim CPD hours for their participation.