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Managing Vicarious Trauma & Burnout


This is an ACWA endorsed CPD program offered by PsychAssist Training.

In today’s world environment nearly everyone will experience trauma in some form, or will be closely associated with a person who has. Therefore, it’s important we all have a basic understanding of trauma and the impacts it can have on our emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing.

In this course we will explore the nature, dynamics and risks of vicarious trauma and contrast it with secondary trauma, burnout and compassion fatigue. The training course is informed by current research and will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to better recognise the early signs of vicarious trauma and burnout, and how to intervene accordingly.

The course will equip you with a range of interpersonal, personal and organisational strategies to address the risks of vicarious trauma and its impacts, and foster possibilities for post-traumatic growth and vicarious resilience.

The training includes self-reflection activities and you will be supported all the way by the team at PsychAssist.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:
  • Demonstrate knowledge of trauma, its impacts, our stress response, survivor coping strategies and possibilities for recovery
  • Define Vicarious Trauma and other similar conditions, their development, risk and protective factors 
  • Analyse the role of self-care in managing Vicarious Trauma risk 
  • Understand post-traumatic growth and vicarious resilience
  • Be equipped with take home tools to develop a personal wellness plan, along with a 21 day wellness journal
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