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Mental Health Academy - over 500 hours of online CPD


Get access to over 500 hours of mental health CPD by global experts.

Mental Health Academy and ACWA have partnered to make accessing CPD as simple and cost effective as possible.

MHA is Australia’s largest provider of mental health CPD online. Their comprehensive course catalogue is available 24/7 and includes over 500 hours of ACWA endorsed CPD.

Accessing cutting-edge evidence and practice-based knowledge has never been more convenient.

Here’s a small sample of courses you’ll gain instant access to:
  • Becoming a Reflective Practitioner
  • Building Strengths-Based Organisations and Teams
  • Building the Therapeutic Alliance
  • Five Clinical Interventions to Address Traumatic Stress
  • Fostering Resilience in Clients
  • Group Work: Dealing with Problems in a Group
  • Mindfulness and Mental Health Practice: Benefits for Clinicians and Clients
  • Sitting with Aboriginal Clients: Hidden Cultural Differences
  • Trauma and Addiction: Taking Motivational Interviewing to the Next Level
  • Positive Meaning: Connecting People to Purpose in Everyday Life
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MHA CPD is based on a membership model to increase your choices. You only pay a fixed monthly or annual fee to access the entire catalogue.
Thanks to our partnership, you can join MHA entirely risk free with MHA’s 30-day money back guarantee.

Registration and enquiries
Register via www.mentalhealthacademy.com.au/acwa

If you have any questions, contact MHA’s support team on help@mentalhealthacademy.com.au.