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Clinical supervisor course


This is an ACWA endorsed CPD program offered by Clinical Supervision Services.

This course provides the fundamental knowledge required of establishing a competency-based supervision working alliance including the fundamentals of setting up supervision using clear learning goals, establishing a learning contract, how to use reflective questioning techniques in supervision and how to provide effective feedback to develop best practice skills in supervision

Course outline

The Supervisor course includes 3 components:
  • an online component
  • 14 hour two-day workshop 
  • 7 hour one day assessment of competency that includes a 60-minute formal assessment
1. Online course
This component comprises seven self-paced modules. Within each module there are coherent, clear learning outcomes. The aims of the modules are to support participants to become aware of the important decisions to be made as a clinical supervisor and the variety of possibilities available. The course includes presentations, videos, reflective tasks, readings and resources, including templates to be used in clinical practice.

A series of assessment tasks (quizzes) are also included. These formative multiple-choice assessment questions not only inform the student as to how learning is progressing but allos students to obtain feedback and address any gaps in their knowledge and skills.

The online course takes approximately 35 hours to complete.

2. Two-day Workshop
The 2 day workshop builds on the learning received in the online course. It provides a framework for conducting and evaluating effective clinical supervision incorporating reflective practice.

Participants will develop the skills for setting up a rewarding clinical supervision relationship, considering the systemic issues of their workplace/team and client group, so that supervisees maximize their clinical learning and practice.

The workshop is experiential offering participants opportunities to practice and review skills in the role of supervisor.

3. Assessment of Supervisor Competency Skills - One day face to face assessment.
This is the formal assessment day. Final assessments will include a live, in real time 60 minute formally assessed Supervision sessions.

Each student will rotate through 3 three positions; Supervisor, Supervisee and Observer. All students are to bring real and relevant issues for supervision to the workshop.

Where and when
20-22 May 2020, Surrey Hills NSW

Early Bird Fee: $890 (closes 08.04.'20)
Standard Fee: $990 (from 09.04.'20)

Registration and enquiries
Register online

For enquiries, click here.

This is an ACWA endorsed CPD program. Members can claim CPD hours for their participation.