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Calming the Emotional Storm


This is an ACWA endorsed CPD program offered by TATRA Corporate and Allied Health Training Services.

Using Dialectical Behaviour Therapy to Treat Emotion Dysregulation Disorders in Youth and Adults

In this Calming the Emotional Storm workshop, Sheri Van Dijk will guide you through a set of techniques you will be able to use with your clients to help them cope with difficult emotions calmly and responsibly by using powerful skills from Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. By teaching your clients these skills, you can help them stop needless emotional suffering and develop the inner resilience that will help them to weather any emotional storm and respond to stressful situations with calm.

The DBT approach offers suggestions on how to help clients to activate areas of their brain that have been under activated and how to quiet down those areas that have been over activated so that clients can enjoy life without being plagued by difficult emotions. In DBT, distress tolerance is promoted with parasympathetic activation and clients are asked to experience emotions like waves and ride through them.

The workshop will examine the connection between neuroplasticity and DBT skills. You will learn how practicing DBT skills helps to create lasting changes in the brain that will assist to regulate emotions. You will become confident at helping your clients increase interpersonal harmony and intimacy in relationships. Your clients will be able to optimise their quality of life by creating lasting changes in their thoughts, behaviours, and ways of managing emotions.

This will be a practical workshop with a straightforward approach for anyone wanting to understand more about the use of DBT for adults and youth.

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This is an ACWA endorsed CPD program. Members can claim CPD hours for their participation.