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This is an ACWA endorsed CPD program offered by Lifeline Central Australia.

safeTALK is a short, practical half day workshop which encourages suicide alert communities.

The ‘safe’ of safeTALK stands for ‘suicide alertness for everyone’. The ‘TALK’ is about the fact that clear and open communication about suicide is one of the keys to preventing it. The letters in TALK stand for the actions that help those with thoughts of suicide: Tell, Ask, Listen, and Keep-safe.

The training program teaches participants to be alert to suicide as a risk to people’s lives and responsive when they detect the risk arising. The skills taught in safeTALK are designed to give participants a clear process to follow to become a ‘suicide alert helper’ in their own community.

safeTALK trainers take participants through a safe and structured learning process. The program is designed to help participants see how misunderstandings and societal beliefs can cause otherwise caring and helpful people to miss, dismiss, or avoid suicide alerts. To help them move past these barriers, this training teaches participants the ‘TALK’ steps and gradually leads them into safe practice. To help show these steps in action, short video scenarios are used throughout.

$90 incl GST for volunteers, individuals and not-for-profit organisations
$110 incl GST for government and businesses

When and where
10 March 2020, Alice Springs NT

Registration and enquiries
Karen Reval, Education & Training Manager
Phone: 08 8953 1250

This is an ACWA endorsed CPD activity. Members can claim CPD hours for their participation.