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Creative Tools for Transformative Healing - Dealing with the imprint of abuse and trauma


This is an ACWA endorsed CPD program conducted by Judy Emma Greenberg and Anne Holland.

The levels of abuse and trauma in our community continue to grow. Are you working with clients who may be dealing with the imprint of childhood abuse and trauma? Would you like to help them develop new neural pathways for their well-being using right-brain techniques?

Creative Tools for Transformative Healing is an experiential 2-day workshop for professionals to empower clients and patients to increase their own self-management using creative practices.

In this workshop you will experience and learn:
  • How to step out of fear and create inner safety
  • The wisdom of the body, how emotions are held within and how to release them 
  • The language of the body, which is often expressed non-verbally 
  • The intuitive right-side of the brain and how it enables healing on many levels
  • A deepening of your relationship to the power of embodied empathy 
  • How to differentiate between the inner voice of the suffering self and the inner voice of the Higher Self
  • Techniques and skills designed to support your clients and patients to increase their capacity for self-care and resilience
  • How to use creative expression to develop new neural pathways for health and well-being
Where and when
21 & 22 March 2019, Melbourne VIC. Download the flyer.
18 & 19 July 2019, Melbourne VIC. Download the flyer.
Standard $500 (Early bird rates of $400 are available, contact facilitators for details)

Registration and enquiries
Please contact the facilitators directly
Anne - E: anneholland@optusnet.com.au P: 0407 324 593
Judy - E: judyemma1@gmail.com

This is an ACWA endorsed CPD activity. Members can claim CPD hours for their participation. 

Meet the facilitators

Judy Emma Greenberg

Judy is a counsellor/psychotherapist who has been in private practice in Melbourne for the last fifteen years. She worked as a teacher & supervisor at Persephone College and has facilitated groups and training programs.

She has utilised her own experience of illness and early childhood trauma through Psychophonetics Counselling, meditation, breath-work and ongoing study/courses as the basis of her healing and personal development and for her work in support of others.

She is passionate about and committed to empowering others to be self-managing and gain mastery on their paths of development and healing.

Through her counselling work and research, Judy has developed a deep understanding of the impact of trauma and of the wounded and buried memories often associated with it.

Judy’s other areas of special focus include recovery from sexual abuse, chronic fatigue syndrome, psychosomatic illness, inner child work, grief and loss.

Qualifications: Assoc. Dip. Arts (Welfare Studies) Monash University; Adv. Dip. Psychophonetics Counselling; Adv. Dip. Holistic Counselling. Member ACWA (Australian Community Workers Association).

Anne Holland

Anne has worked in private practice as a counsellor & psychotherapist for 12 years and has also worked for over 30 years as a teacher/trainer and educator in schools, Universities, TAFE and private colleges.

In more recent times she has worked with indigenous university students, prisoners, job seekers, factory workers and adults and teenagers with an intellectual disability.

She is particularly interested in supporting people while they are dealing with painful or challenging circumstances, to use their suffering and anxiety as an opportunity for growth, development and for making positive change.

She believes that to have loving kindness for others is one thing, to have it for yourself is a whole new way of being.

She loves to work with groups and has conducted a range of personal development workshops which have focused on artistic and creative expression as a pathway to self-acceptance and living in a more openhearted way.

Anne also encourages clients and workshop participants to use clay as another effective way of uncovering their innermost feelings and vulnerabilities

Areas that Anne has dealt with in her counselling practise include sexual abuse, relationship and parenting issues, recovery from burnout and exhaustion, finding your true vocation in life.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts; Diploma of Education; Advanced Diploma Psychophonetics Counselling/Psychotherapy; Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.