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Tools for Hard Conversations in Supervision


This ACWA endorsed CPD activity is conducted by Tools for Hard Conversations Pty Ltd.
Do you ever find yourself in your role as a supervisor wondering how you can support supervisees to build on their own skills and knowledge?

Do you get invited into coming up with all the answers and feel you are doing all the work?

Or as a supervisee do you ever feel that the advice offered by your supervisor doesn’t feel quite right?

Do you aspire to having conversations that enable you to reflect and make decisions about your own practice?

The training is available in two options:

Option 1: For those who are wanting to expand on their knowledge of Narrative and Solution Focused approaches to supervision. This two day training offers workers (whether they are supervisors, supervisees or both) an opportunity to explore ways of having conversations that centre on the knowledge and expertise of the supervisee. In doing so, the supervisee has the opportunity to build on what they know, and the supervisor has a tool to make this possible.

At the completion of the 2 day (14 hour) training, participants will be able to:
  • Give evidence of a sound understanding of the key concepts, principles and application of the theory underpinning post-structuralist approaches to supervision;
  • Give evidence of a sound understanding of key skills used in post-structuralist approaches to practice, in particular: externalising; exploring exceptions; identifying skills; formulating a “picture of the future”; exploring additional resources and steps towards hopes and acknowledging;
  • Demonstrate and describe a supervision session using a tangible map of conversation;
  • Demonstrate and describe a group or team supervision session using an ‘outsider witness practice’ model;
  • Demonstrate and describe use of change documents, such as letter writing, in enhancing the supervision process.
Cost: $398 for standard registration or $352 for full-time students

Option 2: For those who are wanting to apply for registration as a clinical supervisor by meeting PACFA requirements. This training includes the three day foundations training, the two day supervision training, as well as additional assessment in order to meet PACFA requirements, including:
  • Submitting a letter written to a supervisee based on a post structuralist letter template (alternative to a case note);
  • Submitting a 1,000 word essay reflecting on the content and intention of the letter including the post structuralist theory underpinning the letter writing process;
  • Attend two final face to face assessment days: three and six months after first day of initial training which are spent practicing supervision skills and receiving feedback.
Cost: $880

When and where  
12, 13 April 2018, Qld
17, 18 September 2018, Qld

Sessions run 9:30 am to 4pm each day at SKATTLE House: 44 Newdegate Street, Greenslopes, Qld, 4120.

Registration and enquiries

This is an ACWA endorsed CPD activity. Members can claim CPD hours for their participation.