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Autism Awareness and Practice


This is an ACWA endorsed CPD program offered by Statewide Autistic Services (SASI).

Would you like to learn more about autism?

Would you love some practical tips to manage everyday interactions and to support your customers, clients and families?

Statewide Autistic Services (SASI) has been successfully providing services to people who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their supports for 50 years. This non-profit organisation uses the Grafton model/person-centred approaches to its practice and wishes to share its strong knowledge of autism with you.

In this 3.5 hour, introductory/intermediate-level professional development session you’ll learn about:
  • The different types and characteristics of autism
  • Current methods of diagnosis and how autism may present in your practice
  • Sensory overload and emotional/behaviour regulation
  • The differences between a tantrum, shutdown and a meltdown, why they happen and simple steps you can take to minimise meltdowns
  • How client-centred practice can make a difference
  • Practical tips from SASI staff on how to help your clients and their families work toward their goals, while helping to provide a more inclusive workplace
  • And much more, including a certificate of attendance attendance and some free resources for you to take away!
This professional development is endorsed by ACWA and members will be able to claim CPD points for their participation. Members of AASW and ACA may also be able to claim CPD points for participation. The content is aimed at any roles that have contact with clients or customers who may have autism. These sessions are also open to other practitioners and the community, so the opportunity to network and share best practice is there.

Hurry! Places are limited. Links to register are below. Email training@sasi.org.au should you have any queries.

Learning objectives
  • To learn more about ASD and the impacts it can have across the lifespan
  • How a child or family member with ASD might be recognised
  • What a meltdown is and how a practitioner may diffuse the situation
  • How fight-or-flight, stress, trauma and behaviours affect a person with ASD and what these triggers may be
  • Tips that are designed to increase engagement and communication with clients (including their supports)
  • Case-studies to apply the learning to real-life scenarios (no role plays)!
  • How a person-centred approach may support other theories of Community and Social Work practice

Presenters’ details

Andrew Broom
Andrew has had a 20-year career working directly with people with disability, or managing services and programs in the non-profit or training space. Andrew has been an awards finalist for the non-profit sector as well as designing and delivering programs that have appeared across the country. Andrew is passionate about the community sector and helping to develop professionals in their practice with people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Andrew currently works as the Training Manager at Statewide Autistic Services. 

SASI will often co-deliver its professional development sessions with a SASI staff member who will bring their own perspectives and knowledge. Value for money!

Register your expression of interest
Email training@sasi.org.au, call 03 9773 6044 or check out the training website for any current open courses

SASI CAN COME TO YOU! If you would like a customised session for your workplace, or would like more information on our training programs please contact training@sasi.org.au, head to www.sasitraining.org.au or call Andrew on 03 9773 6044.