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The Accidental Counsellor Training


This ACWA endorsed CPD activity is conducted by Human Connections.

The Accidental Counsellor Training is a practical mental health training that teaches basic counselling skills and principles to people who are not trained counsellors but often find themselves in a “counselling role by accident”. The training is delivered via a one-day face to face workshop however, an online version is also available.

Who are Accidental Counsellors?
An Accidental Counsellor can be anyone who is not employed as a trained counsellor, but often finds themselves placed in a counselling role by accident. You could be an Accidental Counsellor as a teacher, youth worker, team leader, aged care professional, chaplain or complementary health practitioner.

When you complete this training you will:
  • Feel more confident and certain in how to best respond to the person in need.
  • Increase and enhance your own wellbeing and that of your client. This builds resilience.
  • Connect to the person and their pain and suffering. Your client then feels safe and trusts you more. As a result transformation and healing takes place.
  • Empower the client to discover their own solutions. Moving from giving to receiving solutions.
Here’s what you will learn at The Accidental Counsellor Training:
  • How to direct your questioning so the client identifies possible solutions
  • How to listen effectively and help clients clarify their problems
  • Help the client reframe obstacles and problems
  • How to assist clients to set goals and consider new possibilities
  • How to focus clients positively towards solutions
  • How to influence clients toward change
  • How to assist clients to develop action plans to take positive action

Where and when
24 November 2020, Sydney NSW

Starting from $297 per person (cost differs per location), includes morning tea.

Online via http://humanconnections.com.au/accidental-counsellor-training/

This is an ACWA endorsed activity. Members can claim CPD hours for their participation.